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Assistance @ Cucula | Refugees Company for Crafts and Design

Collaboration | 2014-2015

CUCULA Association

In contrast to the theoretical debate about the situation of refugees in Germany, it strives for a pragmatic, immediate and action-oriented approach. Launching as a pilot project, CUCULA wants to give people, for whom the doors of society are locked, access to education and wants to establish a welcoming culture, which helps refugees to break with the notion of victimhood. It aims to unfold a self-efficacy for a self-determined life.

CUCULA Education

Cucula Education offers an educational program, including German language classes, legal advice and additional support with the trainees’ daily routine. It forms the umbrella for the workshop and the educational program. Furthermore, it forms the platform for interdisciplinary exchange amongst experts, interested parties and invaluable voluntary supporters.

Cucula Manufactury

CUCULA design manufactury produces and sells premium design objects, starting with Enzo Mari’s ‘DIY’ furniture program ‘Autoprgettazione’. The 19 ‘do-it-yourself’ furniture, which the italian designer published in 1974, mark a milestone within the comtemporary design history. Positioned in contrast to the formalism at the time, Enzo Mari suggested the democratisation of design and creating a provoking alternative to the capitalist paradigm of mass consumption. 40 years later, Enzo Mari grants the team of CUCULA the rights to use his designs, to build and further develop his furniture.

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