Essay: Technology is the answer but what was the question?


Science Fiction has long imagined as a potential future, a world divided in two between the real and the virtual. The connection between these two worlds is the machine, some kind of a terminal to which we plug ourselves to pass from one world to the other. Data becomes the new matter. Technology is the answer but what was the question? This question was 1966 asked by the architect Cedric Price and it used to follow me. What will our future interactions with these objects be? How will they affect us? What are the parametres building a world where our actions and decisions will be delegated to machines? What makes things/ systems expressive like almost something living? Is it about likeness in morphology or likeness in behavior? How less do I need to trigger an emotinal reaction? Do we feel faster than we think?

Technology is the answer 1


 Photos by Florian, the man with the golden eye