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Designfiction | Since 2016

Imagining something that does not yet exist has always been part of design processes, right? By speculating about everything one explores and communicate not only a product but possible futures including every parameter you can think of.

Sci-fi nor speculative fiction doesn´t predict the future but it explores possible futurescapes.

When I was a child imagining future worlds through the work of Sci-Fi authors like Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick and William Gibson has been one of the most fantastic things. For me speculative fiction has the power to transport us into the future to ask important and difficult questions about the world we have created and the one we will be part of in the future. What would it be like to live in a world surrounded by robot helpers? The questions posed by science fiction are not really about the future but rather exploring present questions and concerns but there is one important thing about them. By projecting these questions  into the future and transforming them to conclusion – as weird, funny or horrible they might be – these scenarios create spaces to discuss them. Weekly workshops in schools and agencies facilitate children and adults to create future scenarios by making up stories, artifacts or role-plays.

I don´t think that there will be flying cars like those in movies but I hope for robotic housekeepers like those in “Real humans”. She could take me to football training when mum once again doesn´t make it. It could even watch me playing, you know?